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Red Dress Run-ning In New Orleans

Of all the things I’ve called to tell my mom — and believe me, there have been a lot over the years — what I told her two weeks ago definitely set a new standard. “My shoulders are impossible to fit in a dress.” She responded as I expected. Then I told her why I…

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My First Disc Golf Tournament

This past weekend I competed in my first disc golf tournament, hence the title of the post. I picked up the sport a few years back while living in Texas and continued playing in Georgia and then to New Orleans, where there are a few area courses. Here are a few takeaways that I had…

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Took this picture from my office on the 17th floor.

Walls of Rain, Waterspouts and More

Something outside recently caught my eye at work. Back in February it was all of the Mardi Gras floats rolling by. They multiplied! Carnival season is taking over. pic.twitter.com/j8THhAVAwU — Tyler Mayforth (@tylermayforth) January 29, 2016 This time, though, it wasn’t something on the street. Rather, on the water. From our vantage point on the…

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504 Fitness Chronicles: Exhaustion, PRs And Tire Flips

I only felt complete, total-body exhaustion twice in my life. The first? Back in 2010. The second? Last weekend. Six years ago I participated in The Avia Austin Triathlon. Held on Labor Day Weekend on Lady Bird Lake every year, entrants have a choice of either competing in the sprint or the Olympic versions. The sprint triathlon…

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Jaws, The Big Screen And The Orpheum Theater

Quick: Name the movie with this popular line. “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” Simple, right? That was Titanic. All right. All right. Any movie buff that’s worth his/her salt knows that’s from Jaws. Until recently, all of my viewings of Jaws were restricted to a small screen. After all, I was negative-10 years…

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One Year Ago: USTFCCCA And Taking Control

It caught my eye like a beautiful woman wearing a red dress. The headline on SportsJournalists.com read, “Communications Assistant – U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association.” The body included words and phrases like “writing” (It could have really stopped there), “producing video and/or audio content” and “social media platforms.” All of that…

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From New Orleans To Biloxi And Back

Sometimes it feels great to get away. Easy, now: I’m not talking about bank robberies. This past weekend was another festival weekend in New Orleans and unlike the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival or Voodoo Music & Arts Experience, the Essence Festival takes place right downtown. While most of the music is confined inside the…

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Took this picture on one of my first nights in New Orleans while looking for an apartment.

Reflections On Year 30

One year ago today I turned 29+1. I said it like that for the longest time because 30 felt old. It meant my 20’s were gone and 40’s were a stone’s throw away. If you can read between the lines, today is my birthday — and my sister’s. Back in 1985, I came out kicking…

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A view of the stage from my seats in the balcony.

The Half Hour And More Fun Opportunities

Five months ago I got free tickets to a concert at The Civic Theatre featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It turned out to be an amazing experience and one where I could truly “feel” the music. Earlier this month, before I went on a 10-day work trip with the USTFCCCA to Eugene, Oregon for the NCAA Division I…

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Working Out, 504 Fitness And The Board

It’s hard to miss. Whenever I walk in the weight room of 504 Fitness, I see it. Placed on the wall in the back, right-hand corner is “The Board.” Well, actually there are three boards — one for men’s powerlifting records, another for the women’s powerlifting records and the third (the one I pay attention…

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