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On Being A Proud Uncle: You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

Picture this: It’s 11:55 pm on New Year’s Eve and I’m glued to my phone. My life is about to change in an amazing way. I’m going to be an uncle for the first time. I told my friends that if my sister gave birth to the first baby of the new year, I’d buy…

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Kickball Supremacy And Life Lessons From Ric Flair

A wise man once eloquently said, “To be ‘The Man,’ you gotta beat ‘The Man.’” That man is legendary professional wrestler Ric Flair, who cut some of the best promos during his run at the top of the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance), WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). That line sprung to…

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I took this picture for the Daily Record when Texas State played at Texas A&M in 2014.

On Texas State Baseball Beating Texas And Why I Still Care

The streak is over. Don’t worry, Shocked Undertaker Guy: I don’t want to give you flashbacks. After all, I was in the Superdome with you on that fateful day in 2014 when The Undertaker was pinned in the center of the ring by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. I’d say I was shocked, but not…

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It Was The Fest(ival) Of Times In New Orleans

Of the many things New Orleans does right, festivals and Mardi Gras are on top of the list. Seeing as I already experienced my first Carnival Season, it was time for me to knock off another huge item on my Big Easy Bucket List — Jazz Fest. For those uninitiated, Jazz Fest — formally known as…

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Kickball Recap: It Just Keeps Getting Better

If I ever had a better time playing an organized team sport than I did this past Wednesday during our weekly kickball game through the PlayNOLA league, I’d be hard-pressed coming up with it on the spot. I mean, the first game “The Black Balls” ever played together was pretty epic (Seriously. Read that post), but there…

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Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kevin Millwood, center, reacts as he is congratulated by teammates after pitching a no-hitter against the San Francisco Giants Sunday, April 27, 2003 in Philadelphia. The Philles won 1-0. (AP Photo)

Kevin Millwood, No-Hitters And Realizing Time Flies

So I felt my age (30) today. You know those “Your Memories on Facebook” posts that pop up every now and then to remind you of something you posted X number of years back? Well, one of them showed up on my News Feed today as I did my morning Facebook check. Seven years ago on…

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Can’t Believe I’m Living In…

Sometimes it hits me at the strangest times. Like last week as I drove back from the grocery store. I just crossed the intersection of Bienville Street and Galvez Street and caught a very brief glimpse of the skyline through a clearing in the trees. “I’m living in New Orleans.” I honestly said it out loud…

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Better With Practice: My Bowling Tale

Bowling has never been my specialty. Actually, I’m pretty horrendous at it. A “good” score for me — or a “successful” game — is when I manage to break 110, which doesn’t happen that often. Truthfully, anything above 100 is a cause for celebration. If my score touches 150, it means the spirit of Pete…

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NCAA Indoor Championships and My (Lack Of) Top-End Speed

The conversation started innocently enough. The NCAA Division I Indoor Track & Field Championships ended just a few hours before and my coworker and I were wrapping up some work for the USTFCCCA inside the press box at the Birmingham CrossPlex (a fine facility, if I must say). I looked down at the track and…

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Photo courtesy of NOLA.com

Recapping My First Carnival Season In New Orleans

Of all the things I heard in the first few months of moving to New Orleans after accepting my current job with the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA), the most reoccurring refrain was “Just wait til you experience your first Mardi Gras.” More often than not, the next statement someone uttered would…

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