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Tyler Mayforth Texas Water Safari Canoe

SBS: Enterprising the Texas Water Safari

Editor’s note: This is the second part of a series chronicling the story behind the stories I feel are some of my best. Here is a tale of how my involvement in the 2013 Texas Water Safari and the British reality TV show “Go Hard or Go Home” came about and turned into “Go Hard…

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WAC Tournament

SBS: Zombie Cats (Texas State) Invade Vegas

Editor’s note: This is the first part of a series chronicling the story behind the stories I feel are some of my best. Here is the tale of how  “Bobcats down Denver” came about and earned me a first-place honor from the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors for Breaking Spot News (Sports). So, without any…

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AP Mickelson Bunker Shot Masters

Phil Mickelson and other athletes I love to cheer

Throughout the work day yesterday, a co-worker and I had the Masters Golf Tournament on in the background as we pieced together another solid Sunday paper. The TV served as white noise for the simple matter that neither of us like silence and it was incredible to see what 21-year-old Jordan Spieth was doing. Then,…

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Ram Rock Golf Club

That one golf shot that brings you back

While watching the Masters Golf Tournament this afternoon, I remembered back to a few years ago when I played in a foursome with Texas State head football coach Dennis Franchione, his offensive coordinator Mike Schultz and my boss at the time. For some reason unbeknownst to me, the decision was made to play at one…

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Tyler Blog Picture

From Afternoon to Morning, Nothing Changes

While I’m nestled in Athens, Georgia, I still keep tabs on San Marcos, Texas. How could I not? I spent nearly seven years of my life in that town. Of particular interest to me is the quality of work my former assistant does (I’m proud of hiring him and want to see him succeed) as…

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Wednesday Night Means Trivia Night in Georgia

What do a Mushroom Swiss burger and all-or-nothing trivia questions have in common? More than you think, actually. Back in Texas, there was a restaurant called Tap Room. It had 42 beers on tap, but more importantly some of the best burgers known to man. Every Thursday and Sunday, the Tap Room had incredible specials….

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Georgia’s loss triggers flood of past sports memories

While watching Michigan State dispatch Georgia last weekend in the “second round” of the NCAA Tournament, I thought back to a few years ago when I went to the Round of 32 on a whim with my roommate. It was held at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, a 45-minute drive from where we lived in…

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Athens Banner Herald Newspaper

Writing Isn’t Writing

So I sat down on my couch ready to write. I had these grandeur plans about writing a great blog post. I bounced ideas off a good friend of mine (Todd), but nothing stuck.

March Madness and Spring in Georgia

Forget December: March is the most wonderful time of the year. Spring has sprung, birds are chirping and it hit 80 degrees in Athens, Georgia. Plus, it’s time for the annual event where my bracket gets shot to pieces and I lose all but two of my Sweet 16 picks by the “third” round — or…

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Finally, the long-awaited WrestleMania tale

Growing up, I loved wrestling. All right. You got me. I was downright fanatical. Every weekend over the span of what had to be two years, I picked up a wrestling tape from the movie store (Remember those?) when my parents gave me and my sister free reign of the place. Not only that, but…

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