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This was a picture from the Usher concert. Shout out to the guy's head in front of me.

Macklemore, Usher and New Orleans, Oh My!

I love live performance art. Musicals? Been to several Broadway shows in my life, including The Lion King when it was sold out for months on end during its hey-day (Thanks a bunch, Grandma!). Plays? Don’t get me started on Dickens  (My family still laughs about it). Professional wrestling? Yes, that counts. It’s so different in person than…

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Monday Night Raw NOLA

That Was RAW-esome!

Nearly two hours into our excursion to Monday Night RAW last night, WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia proclaimed that it was time for the fans to pull out all of the signs they brought to the Smoothie King Center and to show them off. Needless to say, it was my time to shine. Yes, I…

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Back To Where It RAW Began

Finally, Tyler Mayforth is headed back to Monday Night RAW! Tomorrow night, I and two of my friends — as well as 17,997 of our closest buddies (if it’s sold out) — will head inside the Smoothie King Center to watch the live-action soap opera that is professional wrestling. You know what’s crazy? Well, other than…

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LeBron James drives to the basket in last Friday's game (Photo via USA TODAY).

Witnessing The Greatness Of LeBron James

Count me as a believer. It took me a while, but I saw the light. LeBron James is THAT dude. Don’t get me wrong: I always knew LeBron was a special player. If you asked me to name the best player in the NBA right now, I’d waffle between him and Steph Curry before ultimately…

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Kickball Recap 4: There is No Glory in Pitching

As I watched run after run after run after run (you get the idea) cross home plate last night in an eventual 15-2 loss by Big Black Balls, I realized there is no glory in pitching in kickball. The same can probably be said — and is probably said — about pitching in slow-pitch softball. No…

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Kickball Recap 3: The Blackout

So there we were. “Big Black Balls” ready to play “Drunk, And Looking To Score.” We were 2-0, tied for first place in the league standings, while “Drunk And Looking To Score” was 1-1 and tied for second. I could sense we were ready to play well and a win would have put us in…

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This isn't where kickball will be played. I just like the picture I took.

Getting Ready To Kick(Ball) It In New Orleans

The wait is over. Prepare yourself, PlayNOLA. Next week, your fearless blogger (That’s me, in case you don’t know) will hopefully play in his first Adult Kickball League game in New Orleans. I say hopefully, because right now I’m a “free agent.” I’d like to consider myself the LeBron James of Kickball and that hundreds…

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Tyler Mayforth Superdome Picture

Who Dat: The Story of My First Saints Game

Who Dat!? Am I doing that right? Good. So I went to my first Saints game tonight. It was a religious experience. Seriously, I saw the Pope. All right, not that pope — but it was one of four or five “Saints Popes,” who are mainstays in the Superdome and sit in the same section….

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A view of Canal Street in New Orleans, taken by yours truly, that almost looks out of a Hollywood set.

Catching Up Since the Move to New Orleans

New Orleans. Wow. I never thought I’d call The Big Easy home. Hell, if you told me after I graduated from the University of Delaware that within the next eight years I’d live in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Texas, Georgia and Louisiana, I wouldn’t have believed you. Life takes you where it damn well pleases….

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These were some gnarly clouds over the Talmadge Memorial Bridge.

Sky Photography: There Are 1,000 Words Up There

For some reason — and I can’t name it — I always have been fascinated with the sky. I never wanted to be a pilot to soar through the clouds or a meteorologist to know what was going on up there, but something about it called me. It’s just one of those things that you…

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