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Time To Plug In The Missing Piece

I love the thrill of working on a deadline.

Whether it’s hammering out a game story from a tight, overtime thriller, designing a full section or anything in between, there is nothing like the rush of putting together solid work under time-constrained pressure.

To me, that’s not stressful: That’s fun.

Where I feel anxiety — or at least something like it — is right after I turn in my entries for the annual Texas Associated Press Managing Editors awards.

This year was a strong one for me professionally. Thanks to help from some great mentors (you know who you are if you’re reading this — and I am indebted to you), I hit a groove and turned in captivating copy.

From a game story during the Western Athletic Conference Basketball Tournament to my five-part series about my involvement in the Texas Water Safari as a member of Channel 5’s “Go Hard or Go Home,” I put everything into my work.

Last December marked my sixth anniversary at the San Marcos Daily Record. While I have grown as a journalist, I can count on one hand the number of stories I felt this strong about in those last six years compared to now.

If someone asked me what is one thing I could add to my resume to make it that much stronger, it would be an award. Now it’s time to go out and get one.

Tyler Mayforth • February 3, 2014

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