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Baring My Soul For November Project – New Orleans

Earlier this week, the co-leaders from November Project-New Orleans presented me with the Positivity Award, which is given out to a member who isn’t necessarily the fastest or loudest, but is a steady influence at workouts and does his or her best to promote and grow the November Project movement. November Project allows members to…

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Red Dress Run-ning In New Orleans

Of all the things I’ve called to tell my mom — and believe me, there have been a lot over the years — what I told her two weeks ago definitely set a new standard. “My shoulders are impossible to fit in a dress.” She responded as I expected. Then I told her why I…

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From New Orleans To Biloxi And Back

Sometimes it feels great to get away. Easy, now: I’m not talking about bank robberies. This past weekend was another festival weekend in New Orleans and unlike the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival or Voodoo Music & Arts Experience, the Essence Festival takes place right downtown. While most of the music is confined inside the…

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A view of the stage from my seats in the balcony.

The Half Hour And More Fun Opportunities

Five months ago I got free tickets to a concert at The Civic Theatre featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It turned out to be an amazing experience and one where I could truly “feel” the music. Earlier this month, before I went on a 10-day work trip with the USTFCCCA to Eugene, Oregon for the NCAA Division I…

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Can’t Believe I’m Living In…

Sometimes it hits me at the strangest times. Like last week as I drove back from the grocery store. I just crossed the intersection of Bienville Street and Galvez Street and caught a very brief glimpse of the skyline through a clearing in the trees. “I’m living in New Orleans.” I honestly said it out loud…

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This was a picture from the Usher concert. Shout out to the guy's head in front of me.

Macklemore, Usher and New Orleans, Oh My!

I love live performance art. Musicals? Been to several Broadway shows in my life, including The Lion King when it was sold out for months on end during its hey-day (Thanks a bunch, Grandma!). Plays? Don’t get me started on Dickens  (My family still laughs about it). Professional wrestling? Yes, that counts. It’s so different in person than…

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Flipping The Calendar From 2015 To 2016

Once again I have been awful about updating this blog. December was quite a busy month around these parts. Before I knew it, January hit and that means 2016 came with it. Let’s backtrack a bit and fill you in on what happened in December. From December 10 until December 19, I was in San…

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A view of Canal Street in New Orleans, taken by yours truly, that almost looks out of a Hollywood set.

Catching Up Since the Move to New Orleans

New Orleans. Wow. I never thought I’d call The Big Easy home. Hell, if you told me after I graduated from the University of Delaware that within the next eight years I’d live in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Texas, Georgia and Louisiana, I wouldn’t have believed you. Life takes you where it damn well pleases….

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Banner Herald Box

Clark Kent Left the Daily Planet

It started to hit me when I turned off my computer for the last time at the Athens Banner-Herald. Rarely did I turn it off before (mostly logged out), but it felt right. Once I walked out the door and it shut behind me, the realization hit like a truck. That very well could have…

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Here's a nifty little map of the moves, which all started from Wilmington, Delaware in August 2007.

On the Move Again: Hello, New Orleans

A little more than two years ago I drove to New Orleans, nervous but excited. As it turns out, not much changes in the span of 859 days. Back in 2013, I decided to attend WrestleMania 30 by myself. I had never been to The Big Easy, let alone stepped out of my comfort zone that…

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