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PlayNOLA Kickball Champions

Last week I did something I had never done before. Win a championship in a team sport. “Faces Loaded,” the kickball team I was part of for the 2017 PlayNOLA spring season, came from behind to beat “Booze on First” 8-7 in the championship. Pretty sure this was the eighth (?) kickball season I took…

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Scratching An Itch At The Crescent City Classic

When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it. My girlfriend offered me a chance to run the Crescent City Classic since she had two charity bibs – one from her father’s doing and one from her own – and I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to run a competitive 10K for the first time in…

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Flipping That 504 Fitness Tire Until My Body Can’t Take It

Before last Saturday I had never thrown up from a workout. If you’ve read this blog at all since it’s creation, you know I love to stay active, go to the gym and that I was a former Division I cross country and track & field athlete. In other words, there have been no shortage…

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My First Disc Golf Tournament

This past weekend I competed in my first disc golf tournament, hence the title of the post. I picked up the sport a few years back while living in Texas and continued playing in Georgia and then to New Orleans, where there are a few area courses. Here are a few takeaways that I had…

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504 Fitness Chronicles: Exhaustion, PRs And Tire Flips

I only felt complete, total-body exhaustion twice in my life. The first? Back in 2010. The second? Last weekend. Six years ago I participated in The Avia Austin Triathlon. Held on Labor Day Weekend on Lady Bird Lake every year, entrants have a choice of either competing in the sprint or the Olympic versions. The sprint triathlon…

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Working Out, 504 Fitness And The Board

It’s hard to miss. Whenever I walk in the weight room of 504 Fitness, I see it. Placed on the wall in the back, right-hand corner is “The Board.” Well, actually there are three boards — one for men’s powerlifting records, another for the women’s powerlifting records and the third (the one I pay attention…

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Kickball Supremacy And Life Lessons From Ric Flair

A wise man once eloquently said, “To be ‘The Man,’ you gotta beat ‘The Man.’” That man is legendary professional wrestler Ric Flair, who cut some of the best promos during his run at the top of the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance), WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). That line sprung to…

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Kickball Recap: It Just Keeps Getting Better

If I ever had a better time playing an organized team sport than I did this past Wednesday during our weekly kickball game through the PlayNOLA league, I’d be hard-pressed coming up with it on the spot. I mean, the first game “The Black Balls” ever played together was pretty epic (Seriously. Read that post), but there…

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Better With Practice: My Bowling Tale

Bowling has never been my specialty. Actually, I’m pretty horrendous at it. A “good” score for me — or a “successful” game — is when I manage to break 110, which doesn’t happen that often. Truthfully, anything above 100 is a cause for celebration. If my score touches 150, it means the spirit of Pete…

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NCAA Indoor Championships and My (Lack Of) Top-End Speed

The conversation started innocently enough. The NCAA Division I Indoor Track & Field Championships ended just a few hours before and my coworker and I were wrapping up some work for the USTFCCCA inside the press box at the Birmingham CrossPlex (a fine facility, if I must say). I looked down at the track and…

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