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Kickball Recap: It Just Keeps Getting Better

If I ever had a better time playing an organized team sport than I did this past Wednesday during our weekly kickball game through the PlayNOLA league, I’d be hard-pressed coming up with it on the spot.

I mean, the first game “The Black Balls” ever played together was pretty epic (Seriously. Read that post), but there was something even more remarkable about the most recent engagement.

Maybe it had a lot to do with how the game transpired.

We trailed 6-1 after the third inning and it really looked like we were about to get blown out. Our defense struggled (mine included) and whenever we had runners in scoring position we’d kick it right to a fielder.

Then something clicked.

We didn’t allow a run the rest of the way, had a few 1-2-3 innings and pushed three runs across to make it 6-4 going into the bottom of the seventh. League rules allow us to play seven innings or an hour, whatever comes first, if it’s not a run rule.

As we switched sides after retiring them in the top of the frame, a guy on the other team said, “This is either going to be a great comeback or an epic choke.”

So which one would it be?

I came up third and with one out and a runner on second, I ripped a shot out of the shortstop’s reach. The ball split the outfielders too and I motored around the bases to score the game-tying run. I clapped loudly and let an expletive fly as I touched home plate as the excitement of the moment washed over me.

Three “batters” and one out later, the winning run crossed home plate. It was a 7-6 victory and we improved to 2-0 on the season.

What I really think made this game special is that we’re all friends now and we know what makes each other tick. We can push each other’s buttons and through that we gel not only as a team, but as a group (if that makes any sense at all). They know I’m ultra competitive and I own it.

Stay tuned as we find out if “The Black Balls” can stay undefeated next week and beat one of the better teams in the league.

Tyler Mayforth • May 6, 2016

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