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My First Disc Golf Tournament

This past weekend I competed in my first disc golf tournament, hence the title of the post. I picked up the sport a few years back while living in Texas and continued playing in Georgia and then to New Orleans, where there are a few area courses. Here are a few takeaways that I had…

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I took this picture for the Daily Record when Texas State played at Texas A&M in 2014.

On Texas State Baseball Beating Texas And Why I Still Care

The streak is over. Don’t worry, Shocked Undertaker Guy: I don’t want to give you flashbacks. After all, I was in the Superdome with you on that fateful day in 2014 when The Undertaker was pinned in the center of the ring by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. I’d say I was shocked, but not…

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Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kevin Millwood, center, reacts as he is congratulated by teammates after pitching a no-hitter against the San Francisco Giants Sunday, April 27, 2003 in Philadelphia. The Philles won 1-0. (AP Photo)

Kevin Millwood, No-Hitters And Realizing Time Flies

So I felt my age (30) today. You know those “Your Memories on Facebook” posts that pop up every now and then to remind you of something you posted X number of years back? Well, one of them showed up on my News Feed today as I did my morning Facebook check. Seven years ago on…

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Better With Practice: My Bowling Tale

Bowling has never been my specialty. Actually, I’m pretty horrendous at it. A “good” score for me — or a “successful” game — is when I manage to break 110, which doesn’t happen that often. Truthfully, anything above 100 is a cause for celebration. If my score touches 150, it means the spirit of Pete…

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LeBron James drives to the basket in last Friday's game (Photo via USA TODAY).

Witnessing The Greatness Of LeBron James

Count me as a believer. It took me a while, but I saw the light. LeBron James is THAT dude. Don’t get me wrong: I always knew LeBron was a special player. If you asked me to name the best player in the NBA right now, I’d waffle between him and Steph Curry before ultimately…

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Here is the view from my seat in Section 614. It was a hike to get up there. Needed a Sherpa.

A Rainy Day With The Bayou Bengals

Cross another stadium — and sports experience — off the list. On Saturday I ventured to Baton Rouge, Louisiana — and more importantly, Tiger Stadium — to watch Louisiana State University (or LSU) face Western Kentucky University (WKU). For a half it seemed as if the Hilltoppers were ready to play up to the Tigers,…

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This isn't where kickball will be played. I just like the picture I took.

Getting Ready To Kick(Ball) It In New Orleans

The wait is over. Prepare yourself, PlayNOLA. Next week, your fearless blogger (That’s me, in case you don’t know) will hopefully play in his first Adult Kickball League game in New Orleans. I say hopefully, because right now I’m a “free agent.” I’d like to consider myself the LeBron James of Kickball and that hundreds…

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Tyler Mayforth Superdome Picture

Who Dat: The Story of My First Saints Game

Who Dat!? Am I doing that right? Good. So I went to my first Saints game tonight. It was a religious experience. Seriously, I saw the Pope. All right, not that pope — but it was one of four or five “Saints Popes,” who are mainstays in the Superdome and sit in the same section….

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Tyler Mayforth Griak Invitational

Memory Lane, Griak Invitational and Facebook Feature Friday

Who could have thought a simple series of Facebook posts for work would send me down memory lane these past two Fridays? Well, I did as soon as I started working on the second part of our “Facebook Feature Friday” series two weeks ago. For a little background, I made it my mission about one…

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Here is a panorama from my seats inside the Georgia Dome (Photo by Kathryn Osbon).

An Unforgettable Experience at the CONCACAF Gold Cup

Bucket List items, by definition, should blow your socks off. No one says, “I really want to go to  the grocery store before I die.” I mean, if that person was starving to death, sure, but in general they are more along the lines of going sky diving or traveling to an exotic country. It’s…

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