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My First Disc Golf Tournament

This past weekend I competed in my first disc golf tournament, hence the title of the post. I picked up the sport a few years back while living in Texas and continued playing in Georgia and then to New Orleans, where there are a few area courses.

Here are a few takeaways that I had from the tournament held at Lafreniere Park.

  • Playing in a best-shot doubles tournament, as a single, is hard work. The concept of that style is simple: You and a partner both shoot and whatever lie you like better, you use. When you roll solo, you don’t have that option. It’s just one shot. You mess up? Tough luck. Make up for your mistake the next time. And it’s safe to say I made quite a few mistakes out there.
  • I was supposed to have a partner, but those plans fell through. Then I was supposed to have ANOTHER partner, but THOSE plans fell through. I told the organizer I’d play a level up if a single needed a partner in an advanced group, but that wasn’t to be. I was told I could be refunded or compete in the tournament, so I decided to compete since it was a great experience.
  • I finished the first round at a 16-over-par 88 for the 24-hole course. All things considered, that’s not terrible — but I was 25 shots out of first and 13 shots out of the money (top-4 paid). The two groups I played with said I fared well considering the circumstances (solo, first tournament, etc).
  • “Treezus” is real. That’s the God of Trees in disc golf. Treezus giveth (kicks your disc into a favorable spot) and taketh away (swallows discs whole). You must always thank Treezus whether or not you get a favorable result.
  • Dropping out after the first round sucked at first (It was a two-round tournament), but I gave it my all. If I had a playing partner, there is no way I would have tapped out. This time, though, I had enough after 24 holes.

I’m looking forward to the next tournament, whether it be a true singles format or a doubles format where I can find a partner to play with. Until next time, though…

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Tyler Mayforth • August 7, 2016

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