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Dr. Strangeblog or: How I Learned to Love Themes

I’ll go ahead and just say what y’all are thinking.

No, not that. Close, though.

“Just pick a theme already and stick with it!”

I’ll admit it: This blog has schizophrenia.

Every time I think I settled on a theme, other themes want their say. As I stated before, I’m a perfectionist, so I want everything to look as great as it can.

If you come around these parts enough, you’ll see I primarily switch between two themes — Rowling (current) and Trident Lite (previous).

I dig Rowling because of the colors and look. To me, it just looks clean and that’s what I think matters when it comes to a personal/professional blog. Too cluttered is awful and an off-the-wall color scheme screams 14-year-old One Direction fan (They’re still a thing, right?) I’m also partial to the related posts that show up on each post.

Then there is Trident Lite, which also has a strong color scheme and looks relatively clean. What I don’t like about it — and tried to change through CSS, but nearly killed my blog doing so — is the blank space after three or four posts. It’s a small thing, but as I stated above, I’m a perfectionist and want everything to look just right.

If I could blend Rowling and Trident Lite, it would be the perfect theme. Heck, if this one had post previews underneath the featured image, it would be my first choice. Until that comes along, I’ll continue to cycle themes and give those downloaders who create these wonderful themes and extra download and might even give a review.

Tyler Mayforth • May 9, 2015

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