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Back To Where It RAW Began

Finally, Tyler Mayforth is headed back to Monday Night RAW! Tomorrow night, I and two of my friends — as well as 17,997 of our closest buddies (if it’s sold out) — will head inside the Smoothie King Center to watch the live-action soap opera that is professional wrestling. You know what’s crazy? Well, other than…

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Kickball Recap 4: There is No Glory in Pitching

As I watched run after run after run after run (you get the idea) cross home plate last night in an eventual 15-2 loss by Big Black Balls, I realized there is no glory in pitching in kickball. The same can probably be said — and is probably said — about pitching in slow-pitch softball. No…

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Eastern State Penitentiary

House of Shock and Halloween Happenings

Ten-year-old me was a pansy. I’m going to call it as I see it. My aunt always took me and my twin sister on little excursions and during one October weekend, she decided we were old enough to try our hand at one of the scariest haunted houses in the nation — the Eastern State…

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Tyler Mayforth Superdome Picture

Who Dat: The Story of My First Saints Game

Who Dat!? Am I doing that right? Good. So I went to my first Saints game tonight. It was a religious experience. Seriously, I saw the Pope. All right, not that pope — but it was one of four or five “Saints Popes,” who are mainstays in the Superdome and sit in the same section….

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